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"It's time for medicine to return to its roots. A respectful relationship between doctor and patient."

Practice Philosophy

I have been practicing as a Urologist in the Hudson Valley since 2004 as part of Premier Medical Group. The practice of Medicine is more than a job or a career to me, it is a calling to serve. Much like a soldier’s dedication to country or a religious leader’s to congregation, I believe that the doctor-patient relationship is sacrosanct, requiring individual attention to know each patient, understanding of their problems, and creating a plan for success.

With these core principles, I have dedicated my career to bringing new and innovative technologies to the region. From being the first in the region to use robotic surgery in treating cancer, to minimally invasive injections to treat pain and prevent radiation damage, my patients benefit from excellent surgical expertise. Despite the forces of corporatized medicine, this relationship doesn’t end upon leaving the operating room. Rather, this is usually the beginning of a sacred bond where patients can expect me to be intimately involved with their postoperative care and management.

I strive to educate my patients in a warm, friendly environment, treat them with expertise and compassion, and ultimately cure their urological problems. No matter how simple or complex, each patient is given due diligence and while cure may not always be possible, I am confident healing always will.

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